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Subs & Caps Season 2024 - 2025

Due to the increasing popularity of hunting with the SDB, it has become necessary to limit the numbers of riders  for all meets after the Opening Meet, and make them Compulsory Booking In Meets (CBIM).  Bookings are made by emailing, AND BY NO OTHER METHOD except for subscribers, who can book in via the WhatsApp group.  Caps must be paid to the hunts bank account (Sort Code 403616. Account 71435442) within 48 hours of the Hon Sec confirming there is a place available, quoting the Meet Booking Reference Number with the payment.  Failure to do this might mean your place is given to someone else.  No refunds are available unless at least 48 hours notice is given.  Subscribers have 48 hours priority booking spaces allocated, so it is essential that subscribers let the Hon Sec know if they have booked in, but can no longer make it.  By paying a cap or subscription, you are agreeing to the SDB's Terms and Conditions.

Annual Subscriptions

Family (2 adults & children under 18) - £1500.

Adult - £760.

Young Adult (18 to 22) - £500
Child (under 18) - £370                                     

Day Caps

Tubhunting (Training Meets)

Adult - £35

Young Adult (18 to 22) - £25

Young person (12 to 17) - £20

Child (11 and under) - £15

Lead rein - £15

Opening Meet Onwards

Adult - £70

Young Adult (18 to 22) - £50

Young Person (12 to 17) - £35

Child (11 and under) - £25

Lead rein - -£15

Anyone can join the SDB Hunt Supporters Club Whether you ride or foot follow, you can get involved with the many different social events.  We look forward to welcoming you out with us.

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