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The South Downs Bloodhounds hack to the meet.

The South Downs Bloodhounds

Hunting Humans For Fun into our 20th Season

The South Downs Bloodhounds are a pack of cross bred bloodhounds formed in 2004 by, and still owned by, their senior Master, Jeremy Whaley.  The hounds hunt a human Quarry, which may consist of one runner, or up to six running as a tight group.  This is completely different from "Drag" or "Trail" hunting, which involve hounds hunting an artificial manufactured scent laid on the ground.  Hunting with bloodhounds is commonly referred to as "hunting the clean boot."

The hunt is renowned for being welcoming to newcomers and does not look down on people coming who haven't got the 'right' hunting dress, or does not understand hunting terms.  There are always hunt members to buddy up with whether you're riding for the first time, or coming to watch on foot.  You do not need 'references' to join this hunt - it is open to all.

We are greatly indebted to our landowners and farmers, as without their support we would not exist. For that reason, the Joint Masters enforce a strict code of conduct that everyone attending must follow.  These are our Terms and Conditions.  These are essential to protect our reputation AND ensure everyone's safety. That said, hunting like all horse riding sports, is a risk sport and you are advised to have personal accident and third party liability insurance. 

If you would like to know more, please see the other pages on this website, or contact the Honorary Hunt Secretary for more information and/or download the SDB Brochure.

Bloodhounds Hunting The Clean Boot
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