The South Downs Bloodhounds  
Hunting humans for fun
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The South Downs Bloodhounds was formed on 2004 by the current senior Joint Master, Jeremy Whaley, who is also their Huntsman. The hounds hunt "the clean boot", that is to say they hunt human runners that neither carry nor drag any artificial scent. It is quite literally the scent of the humans that the hounds are hunting.

The runners are called Quarries, and they set off between 20 - 60 minutes before the hounds are "laid" on the line. Hunts vary in distance, dependng on the time of year and the amount of country available. There are usually 3 to 5 hunts in a day, and people may join for as many or few as they like. The active hunting season starts around the end of August with training meets, which are very short hunts to get the new entry (young hounds) hunting with the pack. The start of the formal season is the Opening Meet, which is usually the second Sunday in October.

People can follow the hounds on horseback, paying the appropriate cap (fee), or watch from the road as a car follower just by making a donation at the meet. From the Opening Meet onwards there is usually a varied amount of jumping, which is optional as when the non jumping route is not obvious, we provide a non jumpig Field Master. All followers must agree to the SDB's Terms and Conditions if they wish to follow the hunt. Riders and foot followers take part entirely at their own risk, The SDB Joint Masters, landowners, farmers and shoots disclaim all liability for any loss or damage to persons or property.