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CBHA Hunting Format & Protocols

Hunting with hounds in the UK is governed by the Hunting Act 2004, but clean boot packs in the CBHA must observe  the following format and protocols to ensure their sport is an unequivocal, publicly verifiable, humane form of hunting.  No 'association' can truly be a governing body, because they do not have statutory powers, however all associations have the sanction of removing membership from any hunt that behaves in a way that will bring the sport into disrepute.  That said, it does not follow that hunts that do not wish to join this association have necessarily behaved in such a manner.

The CBHA exists to support and promote the hunting of the clean boot, NOT to tell hunts how they should run their hunt. Historically, hunts have fallen out with each other, but the CBHA will not become involved unless BOTH hunts ask for some help with mediation, but it will be the hunts that decide on the resolution or not of a dispute.

The CBHA is very much looking in to the future, where some people might want to try to hunt the clean boot with non bloodhounds, and we would want to encourage that, but they would only be offered probationary membership, with strict conditions and monitored, until such time we are satisfied they are serious and competent in their efforts.  As they would have to meet the 5 protocols below, clearly they could not operate as an illegal hunt pursuing an animal quarry. 

A clean boot hunt will ensure -


Permission will be gained for any land to be hunted over.


Routes will be agreed with the landowners, farmers and any other interested parties in advance of the day.


Meets will be published in advance on a hunt's publicly available website and/or social media.


Maps will be available at the meet for anyone to inspect and sent to the Police if required.


The Huntsman and Field Master will know the routes the Quarries will be taking.



The fact that maps are produced before a hunting day to show where the Quarries will be running, make it impossible to hunt a live animal without it being obvious to all.

Publicly Verifiable

Hunts advertise their meets, and anyone can attend without having to produce ‘references’. Riders have to book in merely to ensure that not too many horses will be crossing the land, but they’re booked in on a first come first served basis, with no vetting. Foot/car followers are welcome to attend without booking in and people may use still cameras and videos as they wish.


The hounds have never hunted anything other than humans, and the hunt staff ride close to the hounds to ensure they don’t chase anything that pops up in front of them.

Maps, Apps, Comms & Brakes

Ordinance Survey Tracking App
All Trails tracking app

As well as the above protocols, for a hunt to ensure they will be welcome on the land again, most hunts use a real belt and braces plan to ensure accidents will not happen. The Quarries carry maps and sometimes use an Ordinance Survey app, or other tracking app if the technology is available.  They will also have radios or phones in case they should meet something unexpected like a herd of deer, or livestock that has been moved between planning and the day.  If in doubt, they just stop running and let the hounds catch them earlier than planned.

The huntsman will know the route before he/she releases the hounds to hunt and if in any doubt as to the hounds accuracy, he/she will stop the hounds.  If a planned hunt goes close to a neighbouring property, he/she or the whipper-in will ride between the hounds and that boundary. Any competent huntsman can stop a pack of bloodhounds even if they are in full cry.

Bloodhound Quarry Map
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