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Please note some meets are marked CBIM.  This stands for Compulsory Booking in Meet.  You may not attend these meets mounted unless you have booked in AND paid for your place at least 48 hours before the meet.  This is for the meets where we know there needs to be a limit on the numbers of horses attending.  Subscribers also need to book in for these meets, where places are held for them for the first 48 hours after publication. You may also book in for non CBIM meets, if you want to ensure a place on this day.  If weather conditions are bad, we may suddenly restrict numbers, with  subscribers given first priority, followed in order by the people who have booked in.  You should check this meet page the night before hunting to see if there have been any sudden changes for the meet.  All riders must read and sign the Terms and Conditions notice at least once in the season – available here and printed on the booking in form.  You will receive confirmation of your booking from the Honorary Hunt Secretary, if places are available, and instructions how to pay.  If your place is not paid for within 48 hours of confirmation, your place is cancelled and offered to someone else. When you arrive at the meet, IT IS YOUR DUTY to look for the Cap Collector and either pay for your day, or register that you are there with a pre-booking.  NO REFUNDS of CBIM bookings are refunded with less than 48 hours notice, unless we can find someone to take your place.  Our popularity has increased and we are trying to be fair to everyone, but most of all to our very generous hosts, the landowners, farmers and shoots. Attendence at all meets is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Tubhunting (training meets) usually start around the end of August, beginning of September, depending on harvest progress. The meets will be listed here as they are arranged.